Larry and Tammy Wood

Larry and Tammy Wood are new missionaries to the Ukraine. They visited us July 22, 2018.

Ukraine is south of Belarus, east of Poland, and is part of Eurasia. In size, Ukraine has an area about the same as the state of Texas. Ukraine has a population of 44 million, yet less than 1% identify themselves as followers of Christ. All consider themselves “Christian” because of their Eastern Orthodox background, but they have no real knowledge of walking with Christ.

The people of Ukraine are well-educated and intelligent. Most graduate high school at age 16 and have multiple college degrees by the time they are 21 or 22. Three of the top IT people in the world are Ukrainian. Despite their educational accomplishments, the country’s economic situation is poor.

Larry preached a message for us from Romans 1:16-17. He emphasized the following ideas:

  1. We have a duty to preach the gospel.
  2. We have a responsibility to make a difference.
  3. We do evangelism and missions because we are a sent people.

Larry emphasized that the greatest need on the mission field is prayer, and that we all have a role to play in missions.

Please pray for Larry and Tammy in the ministry to Ukraine where God has led them. You may keep up with their ministry at their web site: