2017 Challenge

(Not for the faint of heart)


Here at LakeRidge, we are blessed with some of the most diligent students of Scripture. For that reason, I thought it would be fitting to issue a challenge consistent with your ability. 

For 2017, I challenge each member who is up to it, to embark on a challenging commitment of Bible study and prayer consisting of Ten Chapters of God's Word and Ten People to remember in prayer each day. 


Ten Chapters

The plan mentioned here for reading ten chapters a day originated with Professor Grant Horner (Click Here for Outline). 

For an excellent online utility for reading the ten lists (Click Here). The app will keep track of your assignment for each day, allow you to choose from several Bible translations, and even link to a web site that will read the text to you.

Professor Horner's plan is probably better suited for more advanced students of Scripture (though he began using it immediately following his conversion). This plan schedules Bible reading by ten lists of passages and has the student read one chapter from each list each day. The system provides several significant benefits when compared to the other outlines. The system is not technically a "read the Bible in a year" plan, although those following it will read through all of the Bible annually with some parts of Scripture being read multiple times in a year. Those who continue to follow the plan in multiple years will read different passages together in each successive pass through the lists. This approach enables believers to compare Scripture with Scripture and to learn how various passages relate to each other.


Ten People

Will you commit to pray for at least ten people every day? Think of seven groups of people you could use to make a list for each day. You could have a list for pastors, missionaries, people who need to be saved, governmental leaders, those with health concerns, our church staff, and members of your own family. Within each list you could keep track of ten people for whom you will pray. 

For example, think of ten pastors you know. You could include pastors you hear on the radio, or know from this area. Here is an incomplete list of ideas for your prayer list. Please see the links below the table for files you can use to make your own list.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pastors Missionaries Lost People Government Health Issues Church Staff Family Members
Raif Turner Lingles   Pres Obama   Bro Raif  
James Hughes Harmons   Pres Trump   Bro James  
David Wilson Sara Family   Gov Abbott   Karen  
John MacArthur Bro Emmanuel   Sen Cruz   Allison  
David Jeremiah Jo & Jessie   Sen Cornyn   Thomas  

Tony Evans

    Sen Perry   Bro Tim  
John David Smith     Rep Burrows   Cassie Dominguez  
Jason Aultman     Rep Frullo   Court Holmberg  
Alan Tilley     Mayor Pope   Sally Quiroz  
Charley Holmes         Andrew Bevly  


Click the links below to open a window that will allow you to print your own blank table.

Microsoft Word Table for Prayer List

PDF Table for Prayer List